Frequently Asked Questions

See below some of our common Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options further.

We are looking into aged care accommodation options for our ageing parents, and feel confused by the financial requirements, and overwhelmed with the process and level of paperwork required to access the Aged Care Assessment Service. Can you help?2022-03-18T11:52:24+11:00

We certainly can. We are here to provide support, assistance and guidance as you navigate the aged care system and to take away that sense of overwhelm. You can contact us here for further assistance anytime.

My husband and I are no longer as independent as we once were, and we know that it’s time to downsize and consider aged care living as an option, but we’re reluctant. Why is it so hard?2022-03-18T11:51:58+11:00

Ageing is a part of life for all of us, but leaving one’s home and entering aged care isn’t an easy decision. We understand it can be a daunting experience for the individual concerned and the family members who love them. But it is also a wonderfully positive experience that will enhance your quality of life and give you new energy and purpose.

We are committed to helping you overcome the fear, uncertainty and overwhelm of moving into aged care by providing freedom of choice and access to the highest quality care options available.

My wife and I are interested in independent living for seniors with the options of support for home care. We’re not as independent as we once were and know with time that we may need assisted care. We would prefer to start the wheels in motion now so that we’re not a burden on our families in future. Can you assist?2022-03-18T11:51:43+11:00

We sure can. At ECA we have various entry points and options available. Now is definitely the time to do some planning around choice. By making your decision earlier, rather than later, you have choice and control over how your senior years will look. 

Many people are surprised to know that moving into an aged care community can actually enhance their quality of life, giving them new energy and purpose. There are wonderful opportunities for social connections and companionship, and you’ll be free to get out and socialise with friends and family whenever you choose, as well as having friends and family visit you. 

Our independent living units at Cunningham Downs are the perfect entry point at this stage. You will find all you need to know here.

We are looking into independent living options for our ageing parents. They are reluctant and fearful about leaving the family home and need assurance that a move into independent living would actually improve their quality of life. Can you provide that assurance?2022-03-18T11:50:43+11:00

We absolutely can. All residents in our independent living units continue to enjoy full autonomy and freedom. They have their own garden, can entertain visitors, visit the shops and stay with family whenever they please – the only difference is that they are living in a safe and secure environment where everyone is looking out for one another.

My health is declining and I am struggling to maintain my family home, but I am anxious about moving into aged care living. Is this normal?2022-03-18T11:50:23+11:00

It is absolutely normal. And we are here to provide support, assistance and guidance to you and your family as you explore your choices. Moving into an aged care community can be a wonderfully positive experience. Our residents actually experience greater independence, and gain a renewed sense of purpose in life when they live with us, through new interests, friendships, entertainment and activities.

What sets ECA apart from other aged care providers?2022-03-18T11:50:03+11:00

We provide affordable, quality, modern aged care accommodation options that cater for everyone, giving our senior community members the freedom to choose the level of care they need and are comfortable with. 

Our service model is unique in that our residents don’t need to move real estate if their care needs change. When they downsize from their family home and make the move to ECA, that’s the only move they’ll have to make. We deliver everything they need through our home care service to the accommodation level they choose. Our residents are cared for by local people who know and respect them, and are able to maintain a strong connection to family, friends and loved ones.

Useful Resources

If you need to do some more research before deciding on your aged care options, the following websites can help you to make an informed choice:

My Aged Care
Established by the Australian Government to provide information on aged care.


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